As a company we pride ourselves on the fact that we can cater for 1 to 1000 + people on site providing services ranging from breakfast, crib or hot lunch , dinner service and that extra touch when it comes to those special corporate or themed events. In addition to this vending, crib room and retail services can also be provided.


AIC can offer an extensive range of menu options to suit all requirements covering a full range of services throughout the day, these can be supported with special themed events on a regular basis to enhance the overall dining experience. We place great emphasis on making sure our suppliers provide produce of the highest standard and quality at all times, monitored though our company audit process. Read on



AIC can provide extended support in the industrial cleaning aspect of the site contracts, being able to supply the appropriate equipment, products and relevant training in this technical area. In addition to the standard site cleaning; kitchen, rooms and ablutions etc there may also be a requirement for a level of specialist cleaning an example being sports facilities. AIC has the knowledge and experience in order to facilitate this process. Read on



In many sites the wetmess facility is classed as the ‘hub’ of social gathering and interest on site, the key place to relax after a hard shift or general catch up with fellow colleagues.  AIC has the relevant experience to fully manage this facility, and can assist in gaining maximum benefit and utilization of the area. From application submittal, ordering and ownership of the licence we can take care of it all. Read on



As with catering and cleaning providing an efficient accommodation service is an essential part of the village management process, working in conjunction with the site administration team specific attention is required to manage the rooms allocation requirements efficiently and effectively in line with employees fly in fly out rosters. AIC can provide a computer generated accommodation package which can be tailored to suit the exact requirements and layout on site, to assist with this process the system can produce various reports to aid the recording of site man day numbers. Read on



AIC has recently completed a detailed overview of its ‘Safety Management System’. This incorporates the relevant policies and procedures providing constructive and comprehensive documents, supporting the key elements of Safety, Quality, Human Resources, Environmental and Mobilization. As a result, when used in conjunction with the policies and procedures these documents provide a complete safety management package. Read on



The key to any successful operation is the team behind it, and at AIC we believe that this is a fundamental aspect of the company and is reflected within our Employee Relations Plan. Whether we are recruiting for a senior position or a site utility, the process is the same. The most important aspect is ‘fitting into the culture of the organization’. For AIC it is paramount that our staff adopt our visions and values as these will be reflected in their attitudes and tasks they complete on our clients’ sites. Read on



AIC’S Quality Standards System is certified against the ISO 9001:2008 (Catering and Management System) industry standard.  Our plan clearly details areas such as Hazard Control, Food Operational Procedures, Goods Ordering and Receival plus the relevant processes and procedures relating to maintaining quality standards across all services provided. Read on



Mobilization covers all aspects of initiating the contract from the recruiting and selection of trained personnel, the logistical requirements through to the commencement of the additional services and the serving of the first meal. Read on



As a company, our focus is to be proactive rather than reactive in the injury and health management of our clients’ employees. AIC works in conjunction with a privately owned consultancy company which specializes in providing on-site injury and health management services to a range of corporate clients, with a special interest and experience in the mining industry. Read on